Clarity at the Point of Care


Can you see your hospital in
black and white ?

The EHR initiative is advancing patient safety and quality of care by driving healthcare organizations to implement technologies that enable fast, efficient processing of information. Find out how black and white your processes are by taking a quick 1-minute assessment.

  • When you're done, you'll receive an immediate report card to help you improve any of the gray areas you may have within your hospital.
Do your patients receive a barcoded wristband during admission?
No Yes
Which of the following applications is the barcoded wristband ID used for in your hospital?
  • EHR
  • eMAR
  • CPOE
  • Specimen Collection
  • Mother/Infant ID and breastfeeding
  • None of the Above

Do you use barcode labels to mark collected specimen?
No Yes
Do you print and apply the barcode label to the specimen right at the patient bedside?
No Yes
Do you use barcode labels to identify and track specimen and microscope slides in the lab?
No Yes
Which of the following steps of your medication administration process have been deployed with barcode technology?
  • Patient wristband scanning for CPOE prescription system entry
  • Patient wristband scanning for medication administration verification
  • Automatic prescription label barcoding for pharmacy medication       dispensing
  • Medication label scanning for medication ID
  • Nurse identification scanning for medication/treatment administration
  • None of the Above

Overall, how confident are you that your technology eliminates the opportunity for error?